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Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus said: ‘…You shall love the
Lord, YOUR GOD, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength,
and with all your mind, and YOUR NEIGHBOR as YOURSELF.’” (LK 10:25, 27)


World of Hope Foundation, Inc. is a corporate community called to minister with the poor and one another. We commit to the call of our faith, to live the challenge of love, and to give witness to the inheritance of hope promised to all God’s children.


The corporate community is the business-oriented community. It manages the temporal and financial aspect of World of Hope Foundation. In relation to the faith/prayer community, the corporate community is the overflow of hope and love of the faith community.


The faith community’s basis of unity is the unity of faith. Hence, we are building a community that is committed in faith. In our unity of mission, represented by the corporate community, World of Hope welcomes different faiths to work with us on the basis of the mission.


In order to grow into the kind of person we are meant to be we must be in relationship. Community teaching helps its members to come to a mature understanding that the human person is a being within community, created in the image of the divine community, the Trinity. 

The U.S. Bishops remind us that community is the place where we grow in holiness, experience the healing power of Jesus, and are challenged to live our vocation as holy men and women. Community is basic to our human nature.

The background of the vertical (God) and horizontal (one another) dimension of our learning and study is our union with God. Our life in God and our life in the apostolate of service to one another and the poor is the foreground actualized through our life of prayer, fellowship and mission – in that order.

The World of Hope Community’s goal is to be of one heart and one mind. Hence, it uses continuing education as a venue for unity and communion. World of Hope Foundation’s Board of Directors has established a Continuing Education and Formation Board (CEFB), which is responsible for the education and formation of its members.  

The Community’s concern is to attend to its members’ spiritual, intellectual, moral and material needs for integral and total human development. Such is part of the Community’s role of stewardship. Hence it is World of Hope’s desire, like Jesus, that the community and its members grow in age wisdom and grace as directed by our Vision of Hope.