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The Continuing Education and Formation Board (CEFB) is a board under the International Board of Directors of World of Hope Foundation, Inc. It manages the affairs of educating, organizing and mobilizing its particular constituents toward the charity work of the foundation in the Christian sense of involvement in accordance with our Certificate of Incorporation. 

We believe that no matter what and how many heroic acts we accomplish in our ministry, there is not much merit to any action we do unless they are manifestations of our goal to imitate Jesus.

1)      Formation of members of World of Hope who are interested in developing their talents and giftedness, leadership, management, stewardship, accountability and spirituality of hope at the service of the poor in the Christian sense of involvement.

2)      Education of the general membership by developing training programs, launching workshops, seminars and retreats.

3)      Develop public awareness of the plight of the poor and their situation to increase support of the cause and objectives of World of Hope Foundation.


Current members of World of Hope’s CEFB team are (top row) Deacon Brian Klause, Mrs. Una Authement, Deacon Douglas Authement and Rev. Michael Semana. (bottom row) Mrs. Patricia Klause and Ms. Dolores LeBlanc.


Our Lady of Divine Hope Faith Community – Houma, LA
Faith Community of Our Lady of Hope – Pittsburgh, PA
Mary, Mother of Hope of All Children Faith Community – Tennessee
Holy Family Intercessory Group – Cleveland, OH

1)      A ministry of partnership with those who have heard the call of service to the needy and the poor.
2)      A channel between peoples to share themselves and their resources, and a means to receive blessings of hope.
3)      A part of the journey towards solidarity with the poor and one another.