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The Ohio Chapter obtained legal status in 2005 to operate in that state. The current orientation of this chapter is funding Grants to specified projects for the poor in the U.S. and abroad. 

Because World of Hope Foundation is dedicated to total development of poor individuals and communities, we believe that it is important to attack problems at the source. Therefore, we support programs that will change the environment and community, spiritually, health-wise, economically, materially, and culturally.

Each request for Grants assistance is decided on the basis of certain criteria, the principal one that of available financing. Applications for funding assistance must be submitted for study and approval.

The Ohio Chapter’s first project funding assistance was dedicated to help provide funds to selected  children in a Southern U.S. community devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The assistance provided for their educational needs while their families were struggling to rebuild their lives.

The  second grant provided for lunch assistance for the children.  No federal or state assistance was available to schools who did not have a working cafeteria. In April, 2007, the chapter also provided complete outfits for 40 children making their first Holy Communion.

Subsequent grants have provided education assistance for children in need and student college scholarships.

The Chapter is located in Cincinnati, OH and is administered by its Board of Directors:

Mr. John Dolan - President
Mr. Robert Doppes - Vice President
Mrs. Pam Doppes - Treasurer
Mr. Robert Weigel - Secretary
Member Directors:
Mrs. Sharon Bohlen
Ms. Perla Go
Mrs. Perla Weigel
Rev. Michael B. Semana



Pictured at the 2007 World of Hope Community Homecoming hosted by the Ohio
Chapter are Chapter Board members: Fr. Michael Semana, Bob Weigel, Jack Dolan,
Rob and Pam Doppes, Sharon Bohlen, Perla Weigel (holding our Lady of Hope)
and Perla Go.


Group picture of some of the attendees at the 2007 Homecoming held in
Cincinnati, Ohio.