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The Mission and Role of the International Board of Directors of World of Hope Foundation, Inc. is

  1. To direct the over-all affairs of the World of Hope Community through its witness of hope and leadership in the exercise of our call to become a leaven of hope in the world.
  2. To be a model community of hope and concern for building the spirit of unity, hope, joy, peace and love accomplished through dedication to prayer, commitment and sacrifice for the good of all in the spirit of our Credo of Hope.
  3. To exercise its community leadership among our members through spiritual, moral, educational, project, financial and active leadership witness and service.

All of World of Hope Foundation's Board members and staff give a free service of love to the poor. None are compensated for their dedicated service in whatever capacity.

At our Annual Board of Directors' Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 25, 2010 the following were elected to serve World of Hope and its mission for a one-year term.



Rev. Michael B. Semana
Texas, Chairman


Deacon Brian Klause
Louisiana, President



 Rev. W. J. Schwartz
Vice-President - Finance

Ms. Dolores LeBlanc
Louisiana, Vice-President-Publications, Fund Raising, Music/Marketing
Mrs. Mercedes Bergeron
Louisiana, Vice-President Sponsorship
Mrs. Patricia Klause
Louisiana, Vice-President
Education Formation

Mrs. Charletta Weeks
California, Director 

Mr. Mel Lazo
New York, Director

Mr. Jack Dolan
Ohio. Director
Mr. Leonardo Carlos
Pennslyvania, Director 

Mrs. Sandy Leffew
Tennessee, Director

Mrs. Cherise Soignet
Louisiana, Secretary
Ms. Norma Blanchard
Louisiana, Treasurer