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"You did not choose me, no, I chose you and commissioned you to bear fruit."
JN 15:16

We believe that our involvement in World of Hope is a calling. The precious offering and sacrifices of each member reveals the mystery of God's mercy and compassion. God stretches our spirits, souls and bodies to be effective witnesses to carry out His plan - to give his people a future full of hope.

The usual procedure for initiating a chapter or other entity of World of Hope Foundation is based on need and availability of generous people who wish to live out their baptismal commitment to become active and effective members of the Body of Christ.

Generous individuals who give a free labor of love administer the programs in the U.S. From time to time various professionals have given their services free or at a discounted price. Some have served on our national and local boards. But the nitty-gritty, day-to-day operations, for each chapter, are carried out by housewives, blue collar workers and business executives. These are the faithful ones who give of their homes, for gatherings and home-based offices, their time (it is more than an 8 to 5 job), and whatever talents and gifts (especially monetary) they possess. This is the backbone of World of Hope Foundation, the unsung heroes, as it were.

There are legal details to be accomplished whenever a new chapter is formed in a state, therefore, the first step is to form a Board of Directors to administer the work of the chapter.

World of Hope Foundation then discerns a project or program to undertake based on various criteria including availability of personnel and necessary funding. Our staff investigates the viability of a project by making a personal visit to the target area. If it is determined by the Board of Directors that a need is worthy, particularly helping children and the poor, contact is made with the proponent requesting that a project proposal be submitted to World of Hope Foundation.  The proposal outlines the need, how they propose to address the need, how much it will cost (including a budget) and the time frame required to accomplish it. The Board of Directors makes the determination whether or not to undertake the project.


Follow-up is completed by staff members who make annual visits to the project site to evaluate the effectiveness and progress of the program.

If you feel called to this ministry, contact any of our offices for more details.