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Homecoming - 2007

World of Hope's Homecoming is an annual retreat which gives our community members an opportunity to receive the peace God is waiting and delighting to share with us. Allowing God to minister through the community process has not only given us personal and individual peace, but a collective peace (which means security) in our acceptance of one another in love. God's abiding love graces us with hope we can live by, as we grow and mature in our faith life.

Our next Homecoming is scheduled for October 19-21, 2007 and will be hosted by World of Hope's Ohio Chapter members in Cincinnati, Ohio. Details are posted under Current Events - Calendar for your information. Members, sponsors and benefactors are cordially invited to attend.

During the interim, we also cordially invite you to intercede for the spiritual success of the event by praying with us the following prayer composed by one of our Tennessee community members:

 World of Hope Foundation, Inc. - Prayer for Annual Homecoming
Father of Hope, Father of the Poor, Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord, God Almighty
calling each one by name from across the land to come home and be with You where You dwell!
You gather us together for a feast, a grand celebration.
You welcome us as prodigal sons and daughters, serving us the gift of finest wheat,
placing on our shoulders the robe of reconciliation and forgiveness.
Show us Your mercy, Lord, for we are sinners!
Father, stretch out your hands in blessing and welcome for all your children coming home.
Come, Holy Spirit, come with your fire!
Breathe new life in all of those who are weary and heavily burdened,
and for those who are thirsty, fill and refresh them and they shall be like a watered garden,
and a fountain of water whose waters shall not fail,
for here we drink and our hearts are satisfied.
Father, we pray that all make it home. Leave none still wandering in the desert,
homeless or orphans, for our souls are restless until they rest in You.
Make your home in our inner sanctuary where Your holy Presence dwells.
Fill our hearts overflowing with joy, praise, Hope and thanksgiving!
We ask the intercession of Mary, our Mother of Divine Hope,
to protect and guide all who are called as we prepare for this annual Homecoming.
And help us grow in holiness and love of Your Son!  AMEN.