"When Queen Sheba came to Solomon, she had many questions,
and Solomon answered all of them to her satisfaction."
1 Kings 18:2,3


Typical Questions Asked of The Foundation

Q: Why should I give?
A: There are many reasons for giving.
a) We give because God has first given to us.
b) We give because our brothers and sisters are in need.
c) We give because we want to help.

Q: Is my contribution tax-deductible?
A: Yes. World of Hope Foundation, Inc. is a 501©(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. All qualifying charitable contributions are tax-deductible under IRS Revenue Ruling, Section 170, of the Internal Revenue code.

Q: What is your mission?
A: Our mission is to provide material and financial assistance, and develop awareness of the plight of the poor here and abroad. We launch systematic fund raising activities to finance sponsorships of malnourished children, indigent families, rural communities, and innovative programs designed to uplift the health, educational, economic and spiritual lives of the poor.

Q: What can I do to help World of Hope?
A: You can add your name to our mailing list. You can also initiate a fund raising activity for World of Hope or join us in scheduled activities, such as concert/musical presentations, golf tournaments, dinner concerts, raffles, Christmas caroling, Journal ads, etc. You can also sponsor a child, purchase our music, give a financial donation, remember us in your will, contribute through employer matching gifts, individual and corporate grants, gifts of stock, real estate, insurance policy, etc.

Q: Do you hire professional fund raisers?
A: No, we do not use professional fund raisers. We operate with professional, generous disciples of Jesus who give of their time, talent and material resources without pay. Professionals and businesses also give freely of their resources as a charitable contribution. The generosity of these individuals multiply the effectiveness and value of each dollar received.

Q: Is your organization accountable to anyone?
A: We have a clear, moral obligation to be fully accountable to God and good stewards of the contributions of our donors. We are also accountable to various government agencies (IRS, state, etc.) and to the National Catholic Development Conference whose principles and guidelines we are committed to follow. Our annual financial report to the IRS is made available to donors upon request.

Q: I can't give much. Is any amount okay to send?
A: Yes, by your sacrificial offering you support our work and make its continuance possible. We depend on your generosity. As Bishop Sheen said, "Some give by going to the missions, some go by giving." Both sacrifices are pleasing to God.