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"The benefit of acquiring wisdom: it makes its owner live."
EC 7:11


Fr. Michael Semana has written several books for the edification of World of Hope's members and all those who wish to grow in their faith. The unique call that all of the members of the Body of Christ share is to grow in holiness.

In his book entitled, The Eucharist:: An Encounter with God,  the author helps us truly appreciate this beautiful sacrament Jesus has given us as a Gift to the Father.

WHen You Pray Say... is a book on prayer, using the framework of the Our Father. The book shows us God's desires for our life of prayer and ways to increase personal relationship with our first love, the Trinity. It can be used for retreats, prayer services and especially small groups and family gatherings.

The Worldhopers: Intercessors of the Poor states "We are called to a moral courage to stand up and do something to meet the challenge of the signs of the times." Intercessors are a bridge between God and his people. Worldhopers breach the gap between the evils caused by poverty and God's love for all humankind. Let's give this generation A REASON TO HOPE!

Knowing the Enemy, Part I and Resisting the Enemy Part II are books written by Fr. Michael Semana as introductions to spiritual warfare. Spiritual combat is an essential work of the church, which is continuing the work of Jesus. Spiritual warfare is primarily knowing and combating sin, the reason why the Evil One, who St. Peter calls a roaring lion (1 Pt 5:8), is always looking for someone to devour. We have two battlefronts, interior and exterior enemies. The remedy for both is healing and deliverance.

The Healing Power of Listening book was taken from the recorded CD audio, which has music background and accompaniment. It is intended for those who prefer to read rather than listen to the audio. Listening is not only important, it is necessary. The quality of our relationships depends on the quality of our listening. In Isaiah 55:3,the Scripture says, “Listen that you may live.” Do you wish to be alive in the Lord? LISTEN! 

The Rosary of Hope with contemporary meditations was taken from the Rosary of Hope CD, containing music accompaniment. This booklet challenges us to ask these questions: In praying the Rosary is my faith deepened? Am I transformed? Is my will to follow Jesus increased? We need to take praying the Rosary seriously because it heals the evils of our time.

Intercession, Bridging the Gap was authored by Fr. Michael Semana and the Continuing Education and Formation team of World of Hope Foundation. The authors hope to convey, through sharing their stories, that intercession is a channel to fulfill God’s eternal plan, “to give us a future full of hope.” (Jer 29:11) God calls intercessors to be instruments of His grace to humanity. If you wish to be a part of the solution to the world’s problems, say “Yes”, like Mary did, to his call of intercession. 

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