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He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.
Proverbs 22:9


If a child appeared at your door asking for help,
these are questions that you might immediately pose to the visitor:


• Who are you?
• Where did you come from?
• How did you get here?
• Where are your parents?

This child has suddenly appeared at your door through the 'click of a mouse'.

To open the doors of your heart to Christ– listen to his response:

• I am your brother or sister; your family.
• I came from a third-world country where survival is the only thing I know.
• I got here because God our Father loved me into life and asked you to love me the same way.
• My parents live at your address, in your city, in your country.

To give a child like this HOPE for a future is affordable – full sponsorships are only $33 a month – the cost of one evening at the movies, or a family trip to McDonalds. If you cannot afford a full sponsorship, there are “shared” sponsorships available for $11. You may invite a friend to join you or we will find someone to share it with you.

The important thing is that you make a commitment today!

No matter what level you choose, your child will receive the same benefits as all our sponsored children. Your sponsorship pledge will help the children to have nourishing food, adequate clothing, medical care, a chance to go to school, hope for a brighter future. You may be responsible for sustaining a life that would otherwise be lost. You will receive a picture of your child, information about your child’s family, and means of their livelihood. We encourage personal relationship by correspondence, as well as visits to the project site with us as we make our annual staff visit.

You can be confident that your sponsorship money will have the expected results because our programs are administered by church-based partners-in-mission who are dedicated to serving the poor. Our financial statement is available upon request.