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“The Blind Boy Who Opened My Eyes”
Note: Through World of Hope Foundation’s Medical Mission Program, Donald came to the U.S. to have reconstructive surgery due to a complex severe craniofacial malformation (meningoencephalocele). The disease was in an advanced stage and Donald was also blind and malnourished. The surgery was successful. In God’s mysterious way Donald’s life has changed, but so have the lives of those he touched. The following is a testimony of Mark. 

fr_mike_donald.jpg “Early last summer (1992) Donald Villanueva first entered my life. I hadn’t met him yet; all that I knew of him was that he was a child in need of an operation and already he was changing my life. My parents were involved in the project to bring him to the U.S. for an operation to restore his sight. A fund raising poster was made showing a photograph of Donald, a picture of a fragile, young, three year old boy who was blinded by a growth between his eyes. 

“With the coming of Donald to my home came a feeling of gratefulness. I realized that I take many of my precious things for granted-that I am very lucky, not only to have my sight, but to have the opportunity to live in a comfortable home. I also thanked the Lord for the health of my three brothers as well. Awaiting Donald’s arrival affected my family as well as me. My parents expressed their pride in my brothers and me more. They also pushed us harder to achieve our goals, making us realize that we are fortunate to have opportunities that others don’t. I was uncertain when I first learned that he would be coming to my house- with our language barrier and his handicap. Over the months I came to realize that he was not a thorn, but a blessing in disguise.

donaldnow.jpg“Being with Donald from day to day I have learned that he’s as playful, trusting, and sneaky as any other three year old. I first thought that living in a world of darkness would be scary, humbling the strongest of people. But Donald has adapted greatly with the very intelligent, energetic, and trusting personality that he possesses. Though I haven’t known him for long, I don’t have much more I can say except about the games that we play and the laughs that we share. But I can say that he rejuvenates me, cheers me up, along with waking me up. He made me realize how lucky I am having my health, my sight, and my family near me. And with everyday he is here, I will be able to tell a new story. “By the time he leaves I’m sure he will be someone I’ll be talking about for the rest of my life as the blind boy who opened my eyes.”

Rev. Michael B. Semana. The Worldhopers, Intercessors of the Poor, @2006, pg 1


Editor’s Note: Donald’s eyesight was not curable because he was born without eyeballs, just eye sockets. Donald is now 17 years old and although he is still blind, he is a lively teenager, even plays basketball.