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"See the fast that pleases the Lord: breaking the fetters of injustice and unfastening the
thongs of the yoke, setting the oppressed free, and breaking every yoke." 
Isaiah 58:6 

World of Hope Foundation’s Isaiah 58 Mission Program began in 1992 when a blind and malnourished child from the Philippines, suffering from a severe craniofacial malformation, was brought to the U.S. for surgery. The surgery was successful in extending the life of the child and giving him a better quality of life. In 1996, a team of Missioners was sent to Mexico to work among the poor to assist a community and educational development project. In 2002, a Board of Directors in Tennessee was established, specifically to administer the Isaiah 58 Mission Program, formerly managed under the auspices of the National Board of Directors.

Since then, the Tennessee members of World of Hope Foundation have conducted several successful medical missions in the Philippines and are making plans for their next mission in Mexico. The assistance of qualified medical professionals, such as American Board Certified Physicians, CRNAs, PAs, RNs and Medical Technicians are essential to the success of each medical mission. Most countries require physicians to obtain a temporary permit to practice their specialty from the Board of Medicine in the country. World of Hope helps to obtain that country’s government required documents.

The following specialties are needed
      General Physicians and Surgeons
      Medical Internists
      Orthopedic Surgeons
      Physician Assistants
      Nurses and Registered Nurses Specialty
      Administrative support personnel 

Documents needed for the medical mission
      Copy of Current MD License and Registration.
      Copy of the American Board of Specialty Certification.
      One photo (passport size) signed on the left side.
      Volunteer Commitment Form.

Travel Cost

All members of the medical mission team are asked to pay for their own expenses for travel, accommodation and food. These expenses are deductible for income tax purposes. World of Hope Foundation is a 501©(3) not-for-profit charitable organization and all qualifying donations are tax-deductible under IRS Revenue Ruling, Section 170, of the Internal Revenue Code. Please contact your tax accountant for further information. 
Help is also needed to secure physician samples of various prescription medications as well as over-the-counter medicines; supplies; general hygiene products; blood pressure monitors; diabetes meters and supplies; and vitamins.

How To Volunteer
Please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or send mail to:
World of Hope Foundation, P.O. Box 58, Hixson, TN. 37343. 




Mrs. Sandy Leffew
Isaiah 58 - President
Mr. Robert Leffew
Mrs. Brenda Fennewald