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Whoever welcomes in my name one child such as this, welcomes me. 

MT. 18:5


Why should I give your website my attention?

THE GRACE OF GOD has already “caught your attention” - just by having enough interest to "come and see". Children, the poor, the "least" who are God's favorites, are our business, and the reason we exist. Our valuable resources are not spent on advertising. We depend on God's friends to spread His Word.

Ours is much more than a social agency. Our dedicated members have answered a call. They generously give of their time, their talents and material resources, without financial remuneration, to make the world a place of Hope for all God’s family.

We hope that you will enjoy our website, be moved by our life-giving message, and be motivated to make a response from the comfort of your home or office. Perhaps you will be an answer to a prayer.

There has been some confusion in the identity of our ministry and Senator Frist's charitable organization, World of Hope Inc. We are World of Hope Foundation, Inc., incorporated in 1990 and presently headquartered in Louisiana, with entities in California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, and New York.  We are not the same organization even though we both minister to those in need.